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Removing the boiler from the engine house ruins in
2006 (photo S.J.S. Hughes)
George Green’s foundry work force c.1890
(S.J.S. Hughes 1987)
Conservation of the Tan yr Allt Mine
     Cornish boiler from Talybout
The Cornish boiler in situ within the ruined remains of the
Tan Yr Allt engine house, Talybout in 1967
(photo S.J.S. Hughes)
In the Bryn y Mor council yard in 2013 prior to conservation
(photo S. Timberlake)
Detailed plan and elevation drawings as part of 2013 condition report
(B. Craddock and  S. Timberlake)
Engraving of a single internal flue Cornish Boiler from
Harvey’s of Hayle 19th c. catalogue
George Green of Aberystwyth
(S.J.S. Hughes 1987)

In 2006 Simon Hughes helped rescue
a steel plate Cornish engine boiler
from the collapsed remains of the Tan
y Allt mine engine house, Talybout.

It appears that this was a probably
a boiler made in George Green’s
Cambrian Foundry in Aberystwyth
which was installed at the mine
around 1873-4.

After its removal from the engine
house this remained at a local farm
for a number of years before Welsh
Mines Preservation Trust and Michael
Freeman (ex-Ceredigion Museum)
arranged for its transport and storage
to the council yard at Bryn y Mor,

The WMPT supported by the EMRG
undertook conservation of this in
2013, first recording its remains and
condition, then carrying out cleaning
and de-scaling, followed by red oxide
painting of the metal.

It is planned to incorporate this rare example of a local pumping engine boiler within
new Vale of Rheidol Railway Museum due to open in Aberystwyth in 2019.
Mail: bc293@cam.ac.uk
Boiler conserved and painted, October 2013
(Photo EMRG)
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