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The ancient opencast mine of Twll y mwyn (transl.: “mine pit” or “hole”) was re-discovered and excavated by miners working for the Crown Mineral Agent and antiquary Lewis Morris in 1744. His thoughtful observations on the antiquity of mining here provides us with the earliest description of the discovery of stone tools, fire-setting and primitive mining in Britain (Bick & Davies 1991).

The mine lies at the north end of the powerful Darren Lode, and during the 19th century this part of the vein was re-worked for copper and silver-lead ores (the Copper Level).

The site was surveyed and excavated by the EMRG  in June 2005 (Timberlake, 2006.) This returned Bronze Age dates from the edge of the opencast working.

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Survey of Twll y mwyn showing 2005 trenches. excavation trenches

Distant view of Twll y mwyn from Darren Iron Age hill fort and open cut mine workings.

Hammer stones from excavation trench (B1) at Twll y mwyn.

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