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Mining experiments have been carried out over a number of years at Cwmystwyth.

Fire-setting has been used to break up the rock and antler tools and reconstructed hafted stone hammers to mine a small area of mineral vein.

After some half dozen experiments the ratio of wood fuel used to amount of rock mined (kg) was found to have improved considerably i.e. from 1:1 to 1:2 (photo S. Timberlake)

Antler tools used to break up the rock (S. Timberlake)

Beach cobbles some 1-2 kilos in weight have been slightly notched and hafted using twisted hazel sticks (withies) and rawhide fastenings. (B. Craddock)

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Experimental fire set rock profile from experimental site Copa Hill
(B. Craddock)

Archaeological fire set rock profile(s) from Comet Lode

Open cut,  Copa Hill, Cwmythstwyth for comparison (B. Craddock)

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