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A letter in the Mining Journal of 1869 refers to the Penprompren Mines (probably including Erglodd) where it seemed that ancient miners had exploited lead and copper ores using stone tools at numerous locations, particularly at the intersections of a network of shallow veins.

One of these open cuts is still visible today.

A small part of the site was excavated by the EMRG in June 2005 and this returned an Early Bronze Age date.

The mine is also close to the Roman lead smelting site which was excavated by Cambria Archaeology in 2005.

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Overgrown early open cut working at Erglodd. (Photo  by S. Timberlake)

Survey of Erglodd Mine opencast, Talybont showing sites of excavation in 2005. (B. Craddock and S. Timberlake)

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