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Included here are images from recent archaeological work carried out by the EMRG in conjunction with the Welsh Mines Preservation Trust at Bronfloyd Lead Mine Penrhyncoch, Ceredigion.

These pictures show the base of wooden jigging frames, buddle circles and the 40ft diameter wheelpit on the dressing floors (photographs taken circa 1890's, 2009 and then in 2010 following consolidation and rebuilding.)

This work was funded by CADW and the Spirit of the Miners/PLWM initiatives of Ceredigion County Council.

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1890 photograph of the 40 foot wheel

for the crusher houses

Restored wheelpit in 2010.

Jig base remains
Pine floored round buddle
Restoration of the 1890’s crusher house

A second brick-lined and wood-floored round buddle.

‘The 40’ stone and brick -lined wheelpit

Wooden launders on the edge of the jigging frames

Photographs by S. Timberlake and EMRG.

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